Gentry and Worth County

Cemetery Transcriptions Below

completed and made available courtesy of  Mr. Ben Glick 


High Ridge Cemetery

Stanberry, Mo

courtesy of

Mr. Don Raymond


Glick 2008 PDF Cemetery File/All Names A-Z

Adkins Cemetery

Albany City Cemetery

Allendale Cemetery

Barnes Cemetery

Berlin Cemetery

Bethel Cemetery

Boatwright Cemetery

Bulla Cemetery

Carmack Cemetery

Carter Cemetery

Cooper Cemetery

Crim Cemetery

Darlington Cemetery

DePriest Cemetery

Douglas Cemetery

Duncan Cemetery

Enyart Cemetery

Ernst Quigley Cemetery

Fairview Cemetery

Fairview Gentry Cemetery

Finders Cemetery

Fletchall Cemetery

Ford City Cemetery

Freeland Cemetery

Gentryville Cemetery

Gentry Worth Cemetery

Grandview Cemetery

Grandview Title Cemetery

Grant City Cemetery

Grant City Cemetery

Grantham Cemetery

Greenridge Cemetery

Gribble Cemetery

Groom Cemetery

Hall Cemetery


Henton Cemetery

Hoblet Cemetery

Holmes Watkins Cemetery

Honey Grove Cemetery

Hugginsville Cemetery

Hussey Cemetery

Isabelle Cemetery

Isadora Cemetery

Jennings Cemetery

Kent Cemetery

King City Cemetery

Kirk Cemetery

Knox Cemetery

Koger Cemetery

Lamb Cemetery

Liberty Cemetery

Lone Star Cemetery

Long Branch Cemetery

Lotts Grove Cemetery

Magee Cemetery

McFall Cemetery

Meeker Cemetery

Millen Cemetery

Miller Cemetery

Mize Cemetery

Mize II Cemetery

Mt Vernon Cemetery

Mt Zion East Cemetery

Mt Zion West Cemetery

Murphy Cemetery

Newby Cemetery

New Friendship Cemetery

New Hope Cemetery

Old Brick Cemetery

Old Friendship Cemetery

Owl Creek Cemetery

Oxford Cemetery

Petry Cemetery

Pleasant Hill Cemetery

Prairie Chapel Cemetery

Sandville Cemetery

Seven Dolors Cemetery

Shepherd Cemetery

Sheridan Old Cemetery

Sheridan VanSkyock Cemetery

Shull Culp Cemetery

Smithton Cemetery

Snider Cemetery

St Patricks Cemetery

Walker Cemetery

Wayman Cemetery

Wharton Cemetery

Wheeler Hardwick Cemetery

Wilson Cemetery

Wright Cemetery


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