Emerson's F.A.Q.                                  

  1. How did I wind up at the G.C.L. ?               
  2. Do I stay at the library 24/7 ?
  3. Who pays for my room and board ?
  4. What about allergies?
  5. Is it true that I am a card carrying member of the L.S.C.O.A.?
  6. What do I do in my spare time?

How did I wind up at the G.C.L?

[I was one of  a large litter of kittens that someone dumped out in Stanberry one day. I got very lucky because I followed some kids to this place they called the library and I went in with them. I was tired and very hungry and the nice ladies at the library gave me a soft bed and some food. When I was rested up they sent me back outside, but I'm no fool I wasn't going anywhere after the royal treatment they gave me. I hung around the door crying and trying to get back in every time the door opened until they caved and let me move in for good! ]

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Do I stay at the library 24/7?

[Yes I live here at the library 24/7. I work the night shift when the rest of the staff goes home. I am in charge of security. All staff facilities are located in the same place just off the bookmobile garage. This is also where my private dining room is. I also have access to t.v., internet service, cd's, dvd & vhs movies, and all the books I can read. What a setup!]

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Who pays for my room and board?

[Well first of all let me say that no I do not eat out of the general fund, and I earn my keep here doing security and public relations (just ask any of the kids here about the Emerson Bucks they receive during summer reading).  All my healthcare and nutritional needs are met thru the donations of cat loving patrons and the staff. ]

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e-mail us at jgarrett@gentrycountylibrary.org

Subject Line: Emerson's Health and Welfare.           

or give us a call @ (660)-783-2335

What about allergies?

[We try to keep things very clean. So far we haven't had any problems. My home is very large so there should be no concentrated areas where allergens ( or what I like to call the essence of me) settle. If someone comes in that could possibly have a problem, I gladly go into self imposed exile until that patron is finished with the library.]

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Is it true that I am a card carrying member of the L.C.S.O.A.?

[Yes I a proud to be a member of the Library Cats Society of America, There are almost 600 library cats in the world, 500 of which live in libraries here in the U.S.]

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What do I do in my spare time?

[As I mentioned I work the graveyard shift at the G.C.L. so my days are free. Sometimes I put in a little O.T. doing P.R. work for the library, I can be very charismatic when I feel like it! I also like to travel, there are two levels here at the library and sometimes when I want to rough it I head down to the unfinished basement and really get away from it all.]

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